ASUS M4A79T Deluxe vs MSI 790FX-GD70

I'm Building an AM3 rig, but i'm stuck between these 2 motherboards, the ASUS M4A79T and the MSI 790FX-GD70. Here's how they match up.

They have the exact same I/O set up.
Both have the AMD 790FX chipset.
They both come with four PCI-E 2.0 X16 slots

MSI is $20 cheaper
MSI has DDR3 2133 OC Memory Standard (I think the Asus can support or have it's DDR3 1600 OC'ed to rival that)
MSI has 8 sata ports vs the Asus' 6.

I don't know the overclocking abilities of each board, your reply would help.

MSI is lookin' pretty good, but it seems that Asus is a more reliable brand. Please reply and vote on which you think is better. If you don't like either model, please specify your pick and why.
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  1. It would be easier to help you out if you would give us the rest of the specs of the build and then tell us what you want to do with your new rig as well.
  2. MSI make the best mobos
  3. I built an AM3 rig yesterday w/ the Asus M4A79T Delux Board. It went well enough, but note the following:

    1. There are only 3 SATA connections on this MB. I used them all with 2 HDs and 1 SATA optical drive. I would have liked more.

    2. If your gonna install a 32 bit OS, your limited on RAM to ~3. 64 bit os will run more.

    My Build -

    ANTEC 750w PS and 900 and 2 case.
    Phenom IIx4 955
    BFG GeForce GTX MaxCore 55 Vid PCI Exp. 2
    1 WD 360 MB 7200 rpm HD
    1 Hitachi 1T 7200 RPM HD
    6 mb OCZ Low Voltage HP DDR3 Ram (3x2 mb Sticks)
    Win7 Pro

    2 mb of bad ram caused an initial boot issue - but went away when I identified the bad stick.
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