Pentium r 4 3 oo ghz best drivers for dell

hi all
i´m a dumbie but i remember that a used a compaq when i overclocked my p4 3.0 ghz cpu but i have forgotten what driver is best for this cpu on a dell, is it M:s or is it better with intel`s??
best regards /P. E. ACE Mates
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  1. You don't need a CPU driver......
  2. Assuming I deciphered your post correctly, you are asking which driver you need to use for a Pentium 4 CPU??

    If that is correct, you do not need to use any additional driver.
    That which is included with Windows does everything it needs to.

    For future posts, please use proper spelling, punctuation and sentences when posting.
    It makes it much easier for people to understand you and offer assistance.
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