My build is
amd 5600+ @ 3.3ghz
xlr8 gts 250 1gb
asus m3a78-t motherboard
4gig ddr2 kingston hyper x
160gb hdd
BFG 550w psu @41a on single rail
cooler master haf 932

I want to upgrade and was wondering if i should keep my cpu or get better one. I want to get a gtx 260 or 275 but i dont know if i should upgrade my cpu too.
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  1. Yeah i would recommend it. It looks like your mobo supports up to AM3 cpus so the only thing limiting you is your price range.
  2. A CPU upgrade wouldn't be a bad idea, just make sure your current bios version is compatible with the new CPU.

  3. if i need to get a am3 how would i bios flash and were would i find a place to download what i need
  4. Use EZ-Flash and flash by USB stick, see your user manual. You can download your bios at the ASUS website, see link. Check and double check to make sure you are downloading the right bios file for your board. Download bios M3A78-T BIOS 1104

  5. Yeah, a Phenom II X3 720 would complement your GTX 260 or 275 very nicely.
  6. There is the Phenom X2 550 BE, excellent dual core for just $100, then the Phenom X3 720 BE, my favorite since its three cores, for just $140. Then there is the Phenom X4 940 BE, at just $190, and a step up further than that is the Phenom 955 BE at $250. All the best choice for the money.
  7. Check that your motherboard supports the processor and update the bios before inserting the new processor.
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