Bottleneck ?

Im gaming on 1680x1050 Resolution, here are my specs

GTX460 768mb (OC'd to 850MHZ|1700|1900
AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.2ghz (OC'd to 3.5)
4GB G.Skill Ripjaw ram.

And Im getting lower FPS than I should in some games, according to the reviews, such as Far Cry 2 and CoD:WaW

Is my CPU bottlenecking ?
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  1. Have you thoroughly tested your overclocks? What kind of fps are you expecting, how far off are you?
  2. Yes I did, temps are fine both on GPU and CPU.

    In Farcry 2 im most of the time below 60, 50's, sometimes can even drop to 39 which is just fail. I should be getting 70+ At all times with this GPU and the RES im playing at.

    Cant see the problem.
  3. Did you check for stability as well as heat, with a program like prime95?
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