ASUS Maximus Formula memory dillemma !!

Hello all,

I'm writing since I am utterly confused about what memory I should get and how much. I'm currently running XP 32 bit, but I'm upgrading to Vista Ultimate 64 bit in the next few days. The mobo maxes out at 8 gigs.

I currently have 2 gigabytes of gskill PC6400, 2.0~2.1v, memory in my pc, with a E6750 Core 2 DUO cpu.

I'd like to upgrade, for performance, since I'm always actively using Adobe Web Design Premium, with Photoshop. cs4. Also, I'd like to upgrade my memory for the new Vista 64 bit OS.

I'm confused about how dual-channel works. Would it work, if I had 1 pair of 2 gig modules =, and another pair of 1 gig modules correclty aligned in the mobo setup? If they all have to be the same size, what about, 4 modules of 2 gigs ?

Just curious if anyone has had success with maxing the memory out on the Maximus Formula ?

Not sure what product to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've been addicted to this forum lately, You all are great!
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  1. Quote:
    Just curious if anyone has had success with maxing the memory out on the Maximus Formula ?

    See my more information> member configuration. Using 8 GBs of RAM in MFX38 for a year or more. I'm sure 8 GBs G. Skill PC26400 would work fine. Set the voltages manually for 4 DIMMs.
  2. I know this will sound extremely dumb to you., What do you mean by setting voltages manually, in the bios ? and what should i set them to? 2.1?
  3. BIOS will default to 1.8v when installing PC26400. Check the RAM specifications for required voltage. In BIOS, manually set the voltage to those specs. For 4 DIMMs additional voltage from specs for a 2 x 2GB kit may be needed. PC26400 rated at 1.9v-2.0v is common. Also, set the timings and speed to specs.
  4. So, like get two of these: is what you're saying? Or am I misunderstanding.

    Under specifications it says:

    Capacity 4GB (2 x 2GB)
    Speed DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
    Cas Latency 5
    Timing 5-5-5-15
    Voltage 1.8V - 1.9V
    Multi-channel Kit Dual Channel Kit
    Heat Spreader Yes

    Would using two different kits render dual channel unusable ? I thought it was best to get a 8gig kit for this purpose ? I'm lost, lol
  5. Sorry, I'm not too good with these sorts of things, dont mean to be a pain
  6. Yeah, the RAM you listed should be fine in the MFX8. I own four kits. I use 2 4GB kits of this in the MFX38.
  7. Nicee, thanks a lot man.

    I see they have an 8 gig kit as well. If I went with the RAM i showed you, with those specs.. what would I have to do in the BIOS? as far as settings.

    Also, my current ram states on the box, they are 2.0 ~2.1V (GSKILL as well), ... these at newegg are stating 1.8-1.9V...

    will these be okay to use, even if they have lower voltage requirements than my current RAM??
  8. So, yu currently have 2 x 1 GB? For 8 GB system RAM buy two kits of the RAM you listed (8 GBs total). Install 1 DIMM, go into BIOS and set the voltage, timings and data transfer rate (speed) to G. Skill specs. You might try 1.9-2.0v for 8 GBs (4 DIMMs). After you set up BIOS with 1 DIMM installed, shut down and install the remaing 3 DIMMs. Dual channel will work fine.
  9. My motherboard is same as yours... Aus Maximus formula...
    8 Gig : 4 x 2G-memory sticks. I use Crucial 4-4-4-12... It works great.

    This board is rebust...

    You can use BIOS Memory Default to start with and it should run. You need to update the BIOS to the spec of your Memory Module... Or you can follow "badge" procedure ... that should work too.

    My OS is Vista-64 Ultimate; SP-2....and its very stable....

    My longest period without any RESET is 43-days... I leave the PC on after playing game or i run it with extended task (i.e. design simulation).

    Good Luck
  10. Thanks a lot guys.. I SWEAR this will be my last questions on this subject, LOL..

    If I do the process in which i stick one of the modules in first, and then set the timings and settings, etc.. Do I need to install the other 3 seperately like the first and configure those as well?


    If I buy two kits, how should I align them in the slots, should I open one kit, insert one module in A1, and the other in B1, and then open the next kit, and insert one in A2, and the other in B2? Or am i looking too much into the process? (I tend to do that often)
  11. Use 1 DIMM in slot one and boot into BIOS and set RAM memory, timings and speed to specs. Shut down and install the remaing 3 DIMMs to total 8 GBs. Each kit is a matched pair to run together in dual channel. Install the first DIMM into the slot nearest the CPU. Install the matching DIMM from that kit in that channel (MB manual has channel information and I presently have a RAM cooler covering my RAM). Install the second matched kit in channel 2
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