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So I just reinstalled windows, did all the updates and installed a few programs. I want to some how clone these 20 gigs and be able to make an iso. Next time I want to install windows I want to boot with this iso using a usb stick. So I wont have to do windows updates, install drivers and change settings again.

Not sure what program does this, any help is appreciated.

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  1. I use Acronis Backup - about $40. If you are using at least one Western Digital drive, WD has a free version on their website.

    And it can go into the iso and extrack individual files - very useful if a particular file gets corrupted.
  2. I think the OP is asking about installing the OS again. You want to slipstream the updates (Esp service pack 1) into a disk so you don't need to do a boat load of updates, yes? Google articles on slipstream SP1 WIN 7 and you should find some tutorials that will help. And yes, you can burn an iso so that the OS and all updates will install at once.
  3. Just tried to use the WD version and it wont detect my HDs I think its cause they are in raid?

    And I want to do more than just slipstream I want all the programs, updates, settings I have made into 1 iso.
  4. still need help :(
  5. Why not just use cloning software and create an image of the drive. You can then restore the image at any time using a live cd. Try clonezilla.
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