Some bios questions about what I can't access in there

I am using a Biostar TA785G3 mobo and Phenom II X6 1090T BE CPU. Windows 7 64-bit

1) I am not able to access the T-Series controls in the BIOS. What I mean is that the "T-Series" is not showing at the top of the menu and there are some options that are missing from the "performance" tab that are supposed to be there, according to the manual. Is the P-state control where I change the multiplier? I ask because I tried to change the mulitplier by .5 and the machine wouldn't load anything, including the BIOS on boot. Do I need to change the voltage on such a small multiplier increase or is the P-state not something that I should use to change the CPU multiplier?

2) I can't find the C1E in the BIOS. Where do I find it? I am supposed to disable it to overclock.

3) The memory speed adjuster in the BIOS allows for 1333 MHz to be set. Since I have that stock speed on my RAM, I tried to set it at 1333MHz because I was fiddling around with the manual control on that, and the BIOS wouldn't load (and Windows as well, of course). Any idea as to why that happens?

4) Fan temp control is not possible in BIOS. I am supposed to have smart fan control. Anyone else having that problem?
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  1. update BIOS from 88GAP421.BST Description :Support F6 unlcoKING function , in BIOS AMD cool & Quiet same C1E
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