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Hi guys,
I got my new PC a few days ago and realised that it didn't come with a 4 pin optical drive audio connector. It wasnt included with the motherboard (asus p6t) or the optical drive. the optical drive has a 4 pin power connector and an ide connector (both of which I recieved). is this all i need to run the optical drive? i have read on a another forum that the optical drive connector is old technology and not needed anymore, the motherboard processes the sound through the ide, is this true? if so, why was it mentioned in the mobo's user guide? for compatibility with older systems? the gpu (gtx285) has a hd audio connector, dont know if this is relevant or not....

Also, the hard drive just has a sata connector and a power connector, is this sufficient to run it? there is another 8 pin connector, ive got no idea what this is for.... i dont have any cables for it. hopefully the sata and power all you need and its just there for compatibility with older systems...

Thanks for the help,
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    They would be correct. You dont need that cable anymore.
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