Turbo overclock on a 6 core CPU in AMD Overdrive

I would like to know something that may be obvious to answer. If I overclock my machine to its limit, what should be my settings for the turbo? What is a good stability test to for using the turbo feature that will gauge whether the machine will crash or not while turbo mode is being used?
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  1. Prime95 is generally the best stress test

    But you have to do several tests

    With all cores loaded, the top speed will be slower then with just 1-3 cores loaded. So you will have to run a all core test then later run the first 3 cores then last 3 cores.

    This is because turbo core only kicks in with 1-3cores at load while the others enter a lower power state

    It may be a good idea to just test 2 cores at a time so windows it self does not kick turbo core on and off.
  2. Hi.

    Turbo is auto OC so u don't need set any setting for that.

    I recomend prim95 for 2 hours or more, OCCT for 3 hours or more or LinX (I love this) for 1 hour or more.
  3. Does the overdrive stability test run single and double threaded apps?
  4. Yeah but AOD isn't good for stability test or something else.
  5. Why? Are the tests really not very stress inducing?
  6. Not all the test do the same, more if u have a program that can OC, read temps and test stability at the same time those programs are not very good because don't test all the possible situations like prime95, OCCT or LinX do it.
  7. LinX is just a few megabyte download and is pretty cool. If you decide to use it, read this guide:

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