Upgrading old system for WoW

Hello, a friends computer's PSU recently died on it. Anyways, he only does a couple of things with his computer, music, movies, surfing, poker stars and WoW. His computer currently is:

AMD 64 3000+ 1.8Ghz Venice
MSI 7125 Neo nForce4
1GB DDR PC3200 (1 stick)
ATI x700 pro
160GB WD Sata HD
230W Best Power -> (replaced it with a 500W Cool Max PSU)
Windows XP 32bit SP3

Anyways, after getting the computer up and running he told me WoW has giving him problems, so after loading up WoW the screen will go black and then the system will lock completely. I tried running 3DMark06 and Trials 2 (steam game) and they produced similar results. So, I'm guessing the video card is FUBAR. Regular windows operations run fine though.

To replace the videocard I think the SAPPHIRE HD4650 1GB ($85) is a good fit, something that isn't so powerful that its power will go waste in this system. I also think an extra 1GB DDR PC3200 ($45) would be a good value to run WoW better.


The only other card I really consider was the 512MB 4830 ($120) which I'm guessing is overkill. I think he plays on a 17" LCD @1024x768. Any suggestions on options for upgrading the system (replacing the Mobo is not an option, replacing the CPU seems impossible) so that it can play WoW.
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  1. how about a 4670 . Its a decent enough card and newegg has one listed at $65
  2. +1 4670 for ur requirements...

    But dint u notice tis card??
    POWERCOLOR AX4830 512MD3-H Radeon HD 4830 512MB $89.99
    ($74.99 after $15.00 Mail-In
    Rebate )
    Free Shipping*
  3. Yeah agreed. you don't need more video memory than 512MB, you need more speed, up to about the $150 mark, where it starts making more sense to get 1GB.

    I have no idea what motivated MSI to create such an ugly card, but this 9600GT is about the same speed as the 4670 if you feel you have to have Nvidia:
  4. I'm buying from newegg.ca (canadian)
    Sapphire 4670 512MB DDR3 $95 - $10 MIR
    Sapphire 4650 1024MB DDR2 $85 - $10 MIR

    I'm not sure what faster memory will do compared to more memory. Now, keep in mind the guy is playing WoW on a 17" monitor and there no plans to reuse this videocard in a future system or upgrade the monitor.

    Free shipping doesn't exist where I live. Apparently, Halifax the captial of Nova Scotia is a remote area.
  5. Go for the 4670.
  6. +1 again 4670
  7. 512mb something recent and Farly useful 4670 is fine 9600GT both fine probably cap before they would be fulled used anyways 1.8gig cpu flip a coin or just ask your friend what he prefers.
  8. 4670 it is.
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