Can't boot from cd anymore.

Help, I can't boot from the dvd drive anymore. I just put everything into a new box and now this problem. I have the bios boot order set right and have tried several bootable cd's that have all worked in the past. I have checked and can read all these cd's from within windows.
any idea's?
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  1. When you boot your system, you should have the option to press a function key to manually select your boot device. If so, when you select your optical drive, will it proceed?

    It is also possible that you don't have your data and/or power cable connected securely. Check both ends of the cable (you may even need to change to another power or data (SATA or IDE) cable. If this doesn't help, you likely have a defective optical drive.

    Optical drives do wear out and go bad. Fortunately, they are very inexpensive and are widely available today. Check the cables/connections first.

    Good luck!
  2. one more thing I might add...I also unplugged all the drives except the dvd drive and it just comes up with "Press any key to reboot"
  3. Your DVD drive may be dead. When you moved everything into a new box, did you install a new motherboard? If so, are your IDE and/or SATA ports enabled?
  4. thanks for trying COLGeek. it works fine in windows and the bios does recognize the drive, it just doesn't want to boot from it. Also I read that it should be the master on the secondary controller, but that didn't help either.
    Maybe I will go through the junk pile and see if I can find an old cdrom, not 100% sure if I have ever needed to boot off a cd since I got this one.
  5. may be the problem is with the cd ,check the cd in another computer. even if it works in other computer u can't be sure it will work with urs. i m having the same problem .i tried booting from different cds and dvd which worked well on my friends' computer but didn't work at mine. finally one worked .
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