Nvidia never really offered PhysX to ATI


We've talked about ATI's physics, and we were quite surprised when Godfrey Cheng, AMD's Director of technical marketing at Graphic product group confirmed that Nvidia never really offered PhysX to ATI.

Despite the fact that Nvidia said many times that it wants to give PhysX to all that want it, they never contacted ATI through proper channels. Nvidia did voice out, at least to our journalists, that if you want to embrace PhysX you need to adopt Cuda. Cuda is not an open standard and AMD / ATI are really not big fans of such proprietary standards.

ATI has already said that it gave its heart to Havok, as you can see it here. Despite the fact that Havok is actually Intel’s, it looks like this works quite well between Intel and AMD. We will certainly watch for the development but we heard that it is now up to games developers to program GPU Havoc for ATI cards, and it looks that this will happen at some point in future, but this future might be in 2010, even ATI was not ready to talk about when.

no it cant be, nvidia would never be such backstabbing Bs
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  1. Right (slightly sarcastic)

    Meh, I'm not too concerned with it.
  2. i see it as another nail in nvidias coffin
  3. If they offered it openly then why is it up to them to track down ATI and give it to them. It seems like ATI should have contacted vidia and said they were interested. I feel the same way about havoc. If ati offered it to anyone that wants it I feel that the other companies should approach ATI and say they are interested.
  4. havoc os intels baby not ATIs
  5. Which ever. But is should not be for the maker to push the product on others. If they offer it is up to who is interested to peruse the matter.
  6. Well, in my no where near humble enough opinion, Microsoft needs to work with Nvidia and ATI to create a standard interface for software developers to use, just like they have done with DirectX. An open source effort would be ok, but would likely be as successful as OpenGL.

    As long as both companies try to create their own proprietary interface, developers will use neither.
  7. One of the problems is, Nvidia is trying to corner the market at every step by exclusion. They tried it with SLI on their chipsets only mobos, they tried to do it with shader model 3 and now they are trying to do it with physx and cuda.

    Notice how none of these actually worked.
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