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  1. Looks like a standard mATX size board but it's a job to tell. What model of Dell is it?

    A standard ATX PSU will work with it, but I would recommend against the one listed. We see too many dead PCs killed by cheap PSUs.

    Look at Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling.
  2. It looks like a standard mATX board. What model is it?

    I should steer clear of that PSU, we see too many dead PCs through PSU failure.

    Look at Corsair, Seasonic, and PC Power & Cooling.
  3. Stupid bloody Tom's Forum. Took nearly 10 minutes for my first reply to appear. #fail
  4. Check the mobo's power connections,to make sure that it can take a standard psu,,SOME dell's have custom psu's that makes the mobo incompatible with standard psu's..:)
  5. That Vantec PSU is an old design. At best, it will be very inefficient. At worst, it's an overrated piece of junk that will be unstable under load and/or take other parts of your system with it when it croaks.
    To mi1ez's short list, I would add Antec and Enermax.
    With a 20-pin power connector, that Dell mobo is sufficiently ancient to very likely have the bad capacitor problem that is very well documented online; do a Google search for "bad capacitors."
  6. With a 20-pin connector, also make sure it wasn't one of the proprietary ones that Dell used. In that case, it would look (and fit) the same, but have different pinouts than the standard; should you plug a standard PSU into it, the mobo and/or PSU will smoke, choke, and croak.
    I believe PC Power & Cooling makes a Dell-specific replacement.
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