Renaming Partitions During XP Install

Hello, I have two SATA drives installed and recently did a full erase on my primary drive and was in the process of installing Windows XP Professional when at the screen in which you tell it which partition to install to I noticed, that it had labeled my secondary drives partitions C and D and (Which were originally E and F before erasing the primary) and it was wanting to label the drive I just erased and was going to install windows on as G.

I re erased the primary drive again in hopes it was just an error on their cd part however, it did it again on the second attempt. As such is there a way to change the letters of partitions during install? Thanks

(On a side note yes the primary hard drives is in SATA port 0 and the secondary in Sata port 1)
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  1. you can rename them after install in disk manager
  2. It didn't seem to let me rename my primary drive all the others it would. Any ideas?
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