SSD + 7200 rpm 1TB + 250GB 5200 rpm

Ok, so first off, im using a 250gb drive as my boot drive (5200 rpm) and a 1tb (7200 rpm) drive as my M: drive for Media/pictures/music, all games and such (for the most part) are still on my C drive.

My question is: I want to buy an SSD (havent picked one out yet..prolly sticking with 64 gbs i believe, and my C drive has over 100 gigs filled. Im wondering, how should I go about doing the switch? Should I just wipe my C drive? (problem with this, im in college atm, and were only allowed 4 gigs of bandwidth a week, so i wouldnt be able to reinstall all of my games without raping my bandwidth..) I would LOVE to be able to install windows 7 to the SSD, Transfer my *must have* games and programs from my current C drive, to the SSD, and then completely wipe the 250gb drive clean (installing linux mint on to this drive). I would then either transfer my programs that I couldnt fit to the SSD to my 1tb drive, (but im aware this causes issues as to where the registry is located etc.. so i may just not worry about the things im not able to fit).

Does anyone have any tips on doing this? Just install windows 7 to the SSD and boot up and begin moving files? or is it just not that easy. Thanks for the input, sorry for the wall of text.
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  1. If you don't mind the whole windows 7 reinstallation and the time and effort that would accompany such a task I would recommend you perform a completely clean install of Windows 7 on your new SSD.
    Just make sure when installing your SSD the mode in your BIOS is set to AHCI and your ssd is the only drive plugged into your mobo during installation. It should also be connected to your sata port 1 on the set of sata ports controlled by your chipset. I believe most unique onboard built in raid specific controllers are not as fast or as well supported as the chipset controller is on most mobos.
    Also, you should time your install to be on a "reset day", so if your 4gbs of bandwith a week resets on monday, try to install everything Sunday evening, so you will have an available 8gbs of total bandwith.

    From personal experience, I would go for a larger SSD if you plan on having games loaded on it. I purchased a 64gb Kingston V+ Series SSD a few months back with the idea that I could have all my programs and os, as well as a game or two that I play most on this SSD without issues, and keep my 1TB Samsung HDD for storage.... well now I need to purchase a second SSD because I am almost at full capacity on the SSD. Also, remember that SSDs will have less wear on them and perform much better if 10-20% of the drive is free space.

    I would recommend an Intel x25m 80gb ssd. Just something to consider, it is only $200 CAD, so probably around $185 US. There are SSDs that are faster, or have unique abilities such as OCz's internal garbage collection, but Intel stays on top of updates and this drive is extremely popular. This is a good thing because when you look at forums or help articles if you encounter issues with your SSD there is an abundance of information found from owners of the Intel SSD. There are also utilities available like the Intel SSD Toolbox that will help make your life easier.

    Good luck!
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