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Hi all, i was wondering if these temps are OK for my set up. My first build and new to oc'ing.

at stock 2.8 (idle) 33/40C
oc to 3.6 (idle): 38/44C
oc to 3.6 (call of duty): 38/54C
oc to 3.6 (prime 95 8 hrs): 70/75C

AsRock x58-xtreme mobo
Intel Core i7 930 Mhz
CM 750 watt ps
CM Hyper N520
Powercolor radeon 5850 gpu

Changes to Mother Board to accommodate the Asrock intelligent energy saver (IES).
1. Intel R SpeedStep(TM) Tech - changed to "enable".
2. Adv. Chipset configuration - ASrock Vdroop changed to "With vdroop".

Thanks for your time.
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    hmmm.... What is the ACTUAL temp, is it 75 or 70 during prime95? Because although 70-75 is actually what a lot of people reach on load (since the i7's run hot) So basically, those are good temps. But at 3.6, Maybe a little lower, 70ish is where you want to get it, so low 70s. But those are fine temps.

  2. Also what are you using to read your temperatures? If they are core temps, then maybe a little warm, but nothing to worry about. If your reading tcase temps, then they are way too high for everyday operation.
  3. Well... Tcase doesn't mean maximum temps :P I mean if his max is just 70 then he's pretty good to go because the tcase of a 930 is, Im pretty sure, 69.7. But otherwise tcase really doesn't matter most of the time.
  4. No but a tcase of 70 is way too high... Tcase max is probably around 72c, that's the max intel recommends you run the thing. Core temps are a different story, they can obviously be higher.
  5. Thanks everybody for your answers. I failed to mention I'm using speedfan and Realtemp for the CORE TEMP READINGS.
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