Asus M4A79 Deluxe VS MSI DKA790GX

Finally I decided to go to DKA790GX Platinum instead K9A2 Platinum. Indeed I purchased the DKA model but I canceled the order when I saw the Asus M4A79 model.
If we speak about features, Asus is the winner. It support 16 GB RAM, Express Gate, Windows 7 Ready (it's not important to me since I don't trust that type of certifications ;) ), a better audio codec, etc.
So with those features, I was sure to buy this mobo but today looking at some review sites I realized that some testers thinks that DKA790GX is far superior to M4A79 model in OC and performance.
What do you think is a better mobo?


Please, I need some advise or comments about these two products.

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  1. MSI is far better than Asus in my opinion with AMD. I got a M4A78T-E and it's not a great motherboard. The thermal sensors are crazy, unlocking core is unstable with Asus motherboards and Asus customer support is one of the worst in the industry.

    I also got 2 Asus 4850 TOP in crossfire and I am honestly telling you they are the worst piece of hardware I have come to witness in my life. I am not talking about a defective unit or a DOA experience, I am implying simple bad design and unreliability issues without proper alternative.
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