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i just bought an I7 950, Asus rampage III Formula, and Corsair XMS3 ram. I've read that the intel HSF is horrid so im looking at getting the Cooler master v6 gt. I've read alot of good reviews on it and im not into overclocking so it should be more than sufficient. plus is looks awesome :) my question is, will the weight of the HSF warp or hurt my mobo over time. I've read alot of bad reviews about the V8 being really heavy and cracking motherboards but i havent seen many complaints about the v6 in that area. The v8 weighs 1.91lbs and the v6 weighs 939g which i believe is just over 2lbs. can anyone tell me if this will have a long term effect on my mobo or will it be ok.

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  1. It comes with a backplate, so it should be fine on a high quality mobo like yours. If it helps, my cooler is apparently 1240 grams, or 2.73 lbs, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything to my motherboard.
  2. i guess a more important question is, Will the cm v6gt even fit on a RIIF? Does anyone know first hand if it will or not. The corsair XMS3 ram looks low profile in the pics so heat spreaders wont be an issue but i dont want half my ram slots covered by the heatsink lol.
  3. The ram will be fine with the V6GT more importantly how wide is your case?
    The V6GT is 6.5" tall.
  4. It's a antec 1200
  5. dreadloxx said:
    It's a antec 1200

    Well that would be a very tight fit since your case is narrower then my 902.
    1200 - 8.4" wide
    902 - 8.6" wide
    i know it would just fit in a 902 not too sure about yours.
  6. That would be very disappointing if it didnt fit in the case. I've tried google searching antec 1200+cm v6gt but haven't found a definitive answer yet.
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