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I have a MSI netbook with windows XP. I set the screen resolution to 1600x900 because of some websites I use require it. All of the sudden for no reason my screen resolution changes back to normal which is 800x600. When I go try to change it, there is no other option..?? This has happened before but I can't remember how I fixed it all I know is I was baffled about it & then poof it started working again. I think it may have fixed after every time I've had to restore it (too many to count)
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  1. reinstall video card drivers
  2. Thank you! I have & although it still happens, I've figured out how to go into my Intel Properties where there is yet another drop down. If I change that back to the higher resolution & then exit and go into my display area it allows me to change the resolution again. It seems that every time there is a windows update my resolution goes changes on its own & I have to go back in & change it again. but at least I know the work around now :)
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