How to overclock q9400......

Well i want to overclock my processor to 3.0GHZ. This is what i have in my system

Cooler master 600Watts
Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9400 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1333 MHz)
Graphic card 460gtx 1GB EVGA
Motherboard P5G43T-M PRO

1.I don't know how to overclock my system should i overclock it from bios or use some software?
2.Do i need CPU custom cooler for my system(if yes what should i buy i want it to be cost effective?
3.I have no idea of FSB what i know is if i increase FSB it will stress everything in my system while increasing clock will stress my CPU but what the relationship?

I am overclocking my system because my CPU is bottlenecking my graphic card. I don't want to go very high on overclocking i only want to use 460gtx on it full potential.
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  1. For 3GHZ you should be fine with the stock cooler any higher then that you will need to get an after market cooler. Since you are only looking at a 300 mhz jump all you have to do is up the FSB from 333 to 375 and also make sure your RAM is running at a 1:1 ratio otherwise you will overclock the RAM too and that could cause instabilities. You may have to bump the Vcore a tad but it should not be an issue at all if you go up a notch. Just make sure always keep an eye on temps if it starts getting over 60 then you should look into a bigger heat-sink.

    I can't stress this enough that overclocking software is just not a good way to overclock. If you make a mistake in the bios you will simply get no post or blue screen while loading if that happens simply reset bios and start over again. When you mess up in the software based way you have a greater chance of corruption of system files and lost data. So use the bios only.
  2. Thanks for your reply.
    Now how to do it with assus P5G43T-M PRO motherboard. i will update my bios to a new version, what i have found while googling that people are not able to overclock P5G43T-M PRO with old version of bios so first i need to update my bios.
    1.Well i don't know how to overclock from bios?? Can u plzz guide me a bit???
    2.i have heard that u have to move some jumpers on motherboard to unable overclocking from bios i don't know weather there is any jumper in P5G43T-M PRO for overclocking???
  3. What is the best software to keep eye on temperature?
  4. well for temps:
    HW monitor is the best [for me]
    Everest, core temp
    Any will do-
  5. Well i did say no to move any jumper, just use the bios, visit the bios, you will have an original fsb, lets say 300, increase it up to in ghz, it will show 3ghz as u want.
    Also, set your ram to 1:1 .
    You might need to increase the vcore a bit, but try first to overclock without increasing it.
    Bear in mind oc and increase in v core means increase in temps. So use any of the progs i suggested.
    Ask if you have trouble-
  6. I'll post my standard suggestion here. If you honestly have no idea how to OC in the bios you shouldn't be OCing. Indeed, you make it sound like you don't even know what settings to change. Do you have any idea what damage you can do if you change a wrong setting? I'd put your OCing attempts on hold until you do a LOT more reading about it.
  7. Core2 Overclocking Guide (generic guide)

    It's called a generic guide because all motherboards are different.

    Go through the guide, then look for a guide for your specific motherboard.

    Overclocking does not lend itself to a cookbook approach. All systems are different and there are a lot of variables in the components. Two CPU dies cut side by side from the same production wafer can have very different electrical characteristics.
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