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Hello. I don't really know if this is the right forum because i'm not overclocking it goes:
I have a Phenom II X4 955 cpu, and I'm using the stock cooler.
When i built up the sistem, i did some stress testing with prime and it had a full load temp of 59 degrees Celsius. That was a few months ago. Today i did a stress test again, and the temperature jumped well beyond the limit of 63 degrees, it was around 68-69 when i stopped the test, afraid of..well.. the thing blowing up :D
Is this normal? What do you recommend? I have to mention tough that when i installed the stock cooler i had some trouble, it does hold very tight doesn't move at all but maybe i should check it again?
P.S. The second time i used Easy Tune to monitor temps, but the first time i used another program..could that be it?
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  1. Time to switch to decaf.

    First, those temps are relatively normal for any CPU with a stock air cooler under load.

    Second, the heatsink ISN'T SUPPOSED to move...if it did, this would allow air pockets to form between the heatsink and the chip within the thermal paste making it ineffective. It should be solidly mounted, not move or twist. I also highly recommend AGAINST trying to twist or move the cooler with it fastened in place; you can only do harm to your CPU or the cooler this way.

    For temp monitoring, consider using CoreTemp or RealTemp; either would be fine for you.

    Also, consider looking up your chip model on AMD's site...they should have all the thermal limits/capacity/etc posted there if you are overly concerned. And, if your chip is overheating, almost every motherboard made in the past several years is able to shut a CPU off to avoid thermal damage.
  2. Yeah i know it doesnt have to move i just said i had some trouble mounting it.
    Well I did another test and used CoreTemp to monitor.
    Idle temp is 48 degrees. Full load is 69+, while AMD says that it shouldn't go higher than 63 for this cpu..
  3. Well... I suggest going out and buying some new thermal paste, such as AS5, arctic silver 5. It's cheap but it'll last. That or Arctic Silver MX-2. Both come at about 4-10$ depending on the amount you get. MX-2 performs better though. Anyway, I suggest reseating the heatsink and re-applying the thermal paste, as thermal paste does wear out, so your stock paste probably dried up.

    Clean off the old paste with Isoproba-something alcohol (best is 70%+ alcohol) then reapply with the new paste and spread it evenly among the chip with a business card or something just not your fingers. After that you should clean off any remaining paste thats on the heatsink and reseat the heatsink. After that you should be fine.
  4. ^+1 reapply thermal paste,you can get very good thermal paste in walmart:
  5. OMG THEY SELL FREEZE! THAT PASTE IS WAY BETTER THAN AS5.... AND ITS THE SAME PRICE!!!! HOLY CRAP... Get that paste, you'll get way (ish) lower temps than as5 or mx-2 ^. The best paste though, if your willing to pay, is IC7. Too bad you weren't here before. Gave it away to veteran members for free :D Now i have a huge tube for my future builds. Beast paste I must say.
  6. I know :) that's why i mention,i think you want to say "isopropyl rubbing alcohol"
  7. Dust in the heatsink?
  8. Thanks alot for the tips, ill change the thermal paste. In fact the stock cooler came with a thermal pad which is even more shitty..
    I live in Romania so i can't order from Wallmart, but i can get Arctic Ceramique for a very good price..what do you think about that one?
  9. Arctic Ceramique will provide better temps than thermal pad
  10. Well I've seen Ceramique is quite close to MX-2 so I'll go for Ceramique.
    Thanks again for all the tips! :D
  11. Quote:
    Ceramique is crap...!
    Please look for at least Artic Silver 5.
    Trust me.
    Please get better than Ceramique I used it when I swapped out a processor and when watching full-screen video
    the fan would sky-rocket like a jet engine after 5 minutes.
    Swapped it out for AS5 and it has never happened again.

    I personally found that Ceramique properly applied gave me 5-10 Degrees C lower temps that MX-2.
    It is very difficult to apply properly though. Took me 3 attempts to get it perfect.
  12. Quote:
    to light and not thick enough for me, I'm somewhat of a neat freak and it was messy.
    no thanks.
    glad it worked for you tho..

    I agree with you 100%. I ended up effectively "lapping" the HSF and CPU (you know, clean then rub it in till the shine goes away), the the grain of rice thing. As you say, very very sticky and hard to control.
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