One GTX 295 or Two GTX 260

Just looking for some information or opinions. I'm putting together a new gaming box and in doing graphics card research I saw a few folks suggest buying 2 GTX 260s instead of 1 GTX 295. Reasons being more performance and newer technology for less money.

Does anyone have any thoughts on that? Are two GTX 260s faster/better than one GTX 295? Is the technology newer/later on a 260 (even though that seems weird)?

Further information below that might affect the situation:

CPU: Intel i7 920
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage II Extreme
Memory: 6 Gig of DDR3 1600 (Didn't chose a brand yet)
Power: 1000W power supply (Didnt' chose brand yet)
Case: Probably an Antec 1200 or a CoolerMaster Comos 1000

Thank you for any help or insight.


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  1. For your system, i think the GTX295 would be suitable, also what games are you planning on playing? Some games don't utilize SLI very well so its just useless.
  2. Thank you ver much for the response. I play lots of different games, Halflife series, CoD series and other shooters. Vanguard and other future MMOs are also regulars.
  3. ok two gtx 275's=1gtx 295. and a gtx 275>gtx 260, and sometimes>gtx 280

    if your playing at 1920x1200 and up, gtx 295
  4. A 295 is faster than two 260sp 216s. As previously stated a 295 is like two 275s. Two 260 sp 216s come out ahead if they are significantly overclocked, and generally in price since two 260 sp 216s is cheaper than one 295 ^_^.
  5. Why you want to waste your money in a 1000w power supply even a 620w (good brand) can handle a GTX295 with i7 920 OC very easily.
  6. ^ unless that 620watt PSU has 80amps on 12v rails, which 99% doesn't, then it can't handle a 295 and an i7
  7. The GTX295 needs 46amps on 12v rails not 80. For example I have a 620w corsair with 50 amps on 12v rails and I use the GTX295 for 3 months now and I don’t have any problems.
  8. Thanks to everyone for all of the information. The PSU info was especially enlightening as I could definitely handle saving a bit of money. I was planning on adding another 6 gigs of RAM and another GTX 295 so I don't know if that warrents the higher W PSU.

    Good looking out all.

  9. 2 GTX 260's will be cheaper. One GTX 295 may perform a little better but not by enough to matter.
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