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HI All

Well maybe this question is ont for this section but I got no answer so far in the right one, I hope people who visit this section are greater geeks :D

Not long ago I bought myself a new PC with ASUS Rampage II Extreme. This MB comes with SupremeFX X-Fi sound card.
I installed Windows and all the drivers and applications without problems.
When I opened the control app for the sound card (the app that allows you to set sound effects, tune equalizer levels and so on.. I said that in case you don't get what I talking about) it saked me to either enter License Key or run it as 30 days trial. Because it needed internet connection to verify the License Key and I didn't have one at the time I choose trial. OK so far.
Soon after that I bought two new hard drives with the idea to join them in RAID array, and of course I had to install Win and everything else again.
I installed Win x64 this time and all other staff was installed successfully. I still didn't have internet connection at this time and I thought to activate the audio app as trial again, but surprise, the button "30 days Trial" was gone! Probably kind of defence - not to allow me just to reinstall the software after the 30 days get expired. OK but these were new HDDs the old one was gone, it's completely fresh Win on new partitions and... Where the hell the f'ing software written info to signal itself that it has been installed on this machine before???

I am very irritated to suppose that it mybe written info in some onboard ROM chip, BIOS I think.
It would be terrible if that's the case. I don't want softwares to write what ever they want in my hardware!
Especially for some license crap!!!

Would you please tell me if that's the case?
If it is, tell me some details, as where exactly this info is written? (And how can I delete it of course )
If it's not, how came that I didn't have the option to use 30 days trial the second time?

Thank you in advance

Now I'm listen to all my mp3s at 2.1 and I'm got use ot 5.1 - it sucks
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  1. I dont know if this will fix your problem but there is a way to reset both bios on the board with jumpers. Its in the User manual, or a way to boot from the other bios.

    I got this board 3 days ago and I must say I am VERY impressed with it and the audio is really crystal clear.

    P.S. why dont you just activate the audio? cant be that hard to get an internet connection for just a short time. took me less than 1 min to activate it...
  2. YES I'm quite impressed by it too! I'm with it for quite some time and having no problems, it works perfectly, and the sound is sensibly better than my old USB 5.1 Audio. I already have internet connection, and I activated the software quick and easy enough. But that doesn't solve the "mystery"! ;) Anyway it seems I'll never know how that program succeeded to know that it was previously installed on my PC.

    Now everything works fine and I don't want to mess it up just to find that out you know! :D
    But I'll remember your suggestion and I'll apply it the next time I need to reinstall the OS. :)

    Thank you man! :)

    P.S. I think that the idea with "an internet connection for just a short time" could work for just a short time :D 'cause the damned software runs a license checker in background. ;) It connects to their site god knows how often, every month maybe but I wouldn't bet on that, it checks on shorter time intervals I think.
    I say that just to inform you. :) (in case if you don't know it already).
    It appears that no-internet-on-5.1-sound! :D :D :D
  3. I know this has nothing to do with the topic. But I was just wondering what CPU and RAM you got with your board?

    It seem my ram wont work at 1600htz when I level up my CPU :/
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