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I was helping a friend last last upgrade their Hp Pavilion 513G desktop computer
and I believe I fried the motherboard. We installed 2GB G Skill DDR400 that according to my reasearch would have been able to work in the system. However after installation and attempting to start the system, we smelt something burning. The system never booted at all. Now thr CPU fan just spins and stops. The hard drive still works, I've tested that in another desktop. How do I determine the best replacement motherboard for the current one. I looked at the BIOSTAR P4M900M4 478 VIA P4M900 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
as a replacement. What shoud my course of action be?
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  1. Computer geeks carries decomissioned hp systems (without software) for around $200 shipped. They have amd and Intel models. You can use your old hardrive; if they are similar to your old motherboard, they may boot up and you can install your hp drivers in safe mode.
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