How do I repair windows XP when I get ESENT 454 event log errors

I have had phone calls from Asian people (cliaming to be representing Microsoft) telling me I have a Virus after my software agreement ran out????????? They asked me to open the following
> Left click Start and RIGHT click My Computer
>Onthe drop down Left click Manage
> Open Event Viewer then left click Application

Sure enough I had many hundreds of Error messages as follows with Times and Dates
> ESENT is the Source, Category is Logging/Recovery, EVENT is 454, and when Error is opended the following
>DATABASE Recovery/Restore failed with unexpected ERROR - 551

Needless to say, I told them where to Go and what to do it with, the fraudsters. :fou: :fou: :fou:

Now I have slow boot-up, and when I need to close windows and my computer, my start button doesn't work for shut down and I have to resort to Task Manager to close down.
Can anyone Help? Enlighten me? as to what steps I can take to repair and sort this problem.
Thanks in Anticipation, Old Aged Geek :sweat:
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  1. :D :D :D Success Hooray

    After 2 weeks of frustration, and sore eyes reading PC forums, Help columns, and Microsoft error articles and having downloaded many malware and anti-virus offers and running them with no changes to the performance of my "SICK" PC, today I done something that I never thought I'd do, I downloaded I.E.8 and ran it. I'm a Firefox user, and have been for ages, but!!! I thought I would load I.E.8 and see if my browser runs any better, I also have NOD32 anti-virus and malware, and rate it Tops, and ran "DEEP SCANS" in all files folders while I was trying to sort the problems of Esent error 454 & 551.
    The one main point I noticed when running the download was the "Checking for Malware" section of the program, anyway it completed its run, and as you all know, the box with"You need to restart your computer now" came up and I clicked OK.
    I realised my PC had closed down quickly, and resumed its "Start UP" procedure as it had always done before my "ESENT error 454 & 551" experience.
    I have now opend and closed my PC at least 6 times, and it works fine, all I can say is try reloading I.E.8 if you have it, from the Microsoft Downloads, and if you don't use it (Like I didn't) give it a try.
    Hope it helps, A Happy Old Aged Geek :D :D :D :kaola:
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