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AMD Overdrive question

I tried to overclock my computer without running a stability test on a high overclock and I got the ever infamous blue screen. When I reset the CMOS on the motherboard, doesn't that load the default settings for me? I'm confused on the difference between CMOS and the BIOS' "load default settings" option. I thought they were the same thing, but after resetting the CMOS, I booted up and I had the last overclocked settings that I had before my computer crashed. I may have had the Overdrive set to do that, but I thought that it would only do that if there was no CMOS reset. Or maybe even loading default settings in BIOS for that matter.
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    No, the BIOS is going to reset itself but the immediate effect after that is the loading of your OC profile ( Nowadays the bios can be manipulated from within the OS).
    To get back to the normal state you were in, you need to start the computer in safe mode and get it to not start the oc profile while booting.....
    I doubt if the program will run in safe mode but it's worth the try, if it doesn't, then you can always use msconfig and do a selective startup excluding the OC Profile....

    CMOS and BIOS is the same, but resetting it to defaults from within the bios is different from removing the battery or shorting jumpers to clear the CMOS.
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