Heatsink blowing sideways on an AMD mobo?

Hola. I want to get a CM V8 heatsink for my antec 902 case, but I have a question. I know it fits, but what I also want it to blow out the rear exhaust since the case is bottom mounted for the psu. Though I think I heard that you cant turn a heatsink like that on an amd board, but you can on intel socket boards. Is this true? I know I saw a pic of a v8 in a 902 blowing out the back exhaust but I want to make sure before I order it. It may be a silly reason but if I cant get it to blow sideways and have it blowing down instead then it blocks the usage of the side fan on the 902 and my OCD and ADD wont allow that :non: Thanks!
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  1. I think you are having or want to have AMD mobo and cpu.......... i see no problem in having it in any orientation........ the ideal one would be to have the fan push air to the antec902 case rear exhaust fan.........

    I even checked the installation manual for V8, for AM2 and AM3 installation the recommended orientation is air inlet from the memory side to blow air towards the I/O area............ Check

    i think the video below could help you better....... watch carefully around the 2:10 segment onwards.........
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    In terms of cost effectiveness the 212+ is a much better value then the V8.
    The V8 is an average cooler while the 212+ is exceptional in terms of cost and performance.
    Also the 212+ will allow you to still mount a side fan.
    Not a big deal though if you still decide to go with the V8.
    Remove the side fan and mount it on the supplied rear drive cage mount.
    That arrangement still provides effective gpu cooling.
    I've done so in my own 902 and that configuration provided a 2C temp drop on my gpu.
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