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I have an old ATI Graphics by Rage 128 Pro AGP All in Wonder card and I would like to know that voltage of the card. I'm ready to upgrade processor and motherboard and would like to get a motherboard that has AGP. I don't know if this card is compatible with the voltage needs of the new MB's. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. AGP is dead.

    What are you upgrading to?
  2. By today's standards, that card is only suited for web browsing, and even that would likely become annoyingly slow when there's anything 3D going on or video is playing.

    Seriously, if you're building a new system but looking the use some of your old components, the 10-year old video card should not be one you're looking to re-use.

    If you're not comfortable picking your own components, provide us with a description of what you want to use your computer for, how long you'd like it to do so before you have to replace it again, and a budget on how much you're looking to spend. Also, list all your current hardware, including the monitor. Though, I cannot help but feel that most of your components will not be reusable based on the age of the video card within it.
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