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Enclosure NexStar 3 doesn't spin my hard drive

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June 10, 2009 4:06:52 PM

I have the NexStar.3 (usb2, 194a/b, esata) running a 1tb seagate as logical and storage drive.

I'm having problems to recognise my hard drive from my windows xp sp2. the enclosure boot fine but the hard drive doesn't spin. It happened before to me when i was using the usb2 connection and i though that the seagate died on me but fortunately i was wrong and the enclosure did recognise again my hard drive.

now I am using the esata connection and everything was working fine but not for long. I restarted my computer and again the enclosure is on but the hard drive is not spinning.........I tried to turn off everyhting and boot again but still the same problem.

what is that? I was thinking enclosures are supposed to make our life easier not complicated.......the real problem is u don't know where it is...sometimes it work fine... sometimes not................I am 100% sure it is not my hard drive but I can't find a solution for it.

I went to vantec website and they don't have answers for my problem....yes it's connected from the back and not from the front and the hard drive is 1TB and not over that so it should work fine.

I have a new build system:
Intel DX58SO MB
Intel i7-920 CPU
XFX ATI Radeon 4870xxx GPU
3x1gb Kingston Rams
750w Pc power and cooling
Seagate drives
NZXT Tempest Case

no overlocking at all so my system is brand new and running fine except this little problem!

anyone found a solution for it?

June 11, 2009 2:19:55 PM

No Ideas guys?

It worked again than when i restarted my computer it turned off. So what really is happening is when you turn it on it will run and the hard drive spin inside and everyhting ok........even when you keep your computer idle for long time it won't turn off and the hard drive is always there..............but when you restart your computer or turn off the computer..........the hard disc will stop spinning but the enclosure is always on.

now when you try to turn it off and turn it on again...the hard disc doesn't have to wait like for about 40 mins i guess

this is the problem guys.

any help will be appreciated
July 26, 2009 1:35:22 PM

for what it's worth, I have the same problem
I'm pretty sure that the Hard Drive is screwed.
If you put another drive into the enclosure, does it work?
My HD gives a grunting sound every second but when I move the drive/enclosure it's clear that the drive is not spinning (no resistance to my efforts to twist the drive in space).
For you, the fact that it works periodically "might" mean you can get your information off before it's completely pooched.
If anyone has a suggestion, that would be great but I'm guessing Dead Drive is the Diagnosis.
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July 26, 2009 5:31:13 PM

no man i don't think it's the hard drive. i bought 2 of the seagate 12 1tb and they both running fine, no weird sound.

i still think it's an enclosure problem and i can't fix it. i paid like $100 for it and it's not worth the money, it just look pretty nice on my desktop and has esata and firewire800...........but for the time i'm using it as a storage so i don't have to turn it on always,,maybe once a week.

if u have any news about yours let me know

December 28, 2010 12:06:00 AM

I have a NexStar-3 (USB2, eSATAbut NO IEEE1394) running a 710GB seagate as external drive.

The hard drive doesn't spin when there is a eSATA cord plugged in. (It doesn't matter wether or not the computer is plugged into the cable.) It happened to me before and after digging around, the enclosure did recognise my hard drive again... (But when all was said and done, I have no idea what I did that fixed it...) Here's a bit of background...

It works on USB fine, and I used to use it with eSATA on another computer, however when the motherboard (MSI 7093) in that computer went I had initially thought that either the drive or the enclosure was done when I hooked it up to the new system with a Vantec UGT-ST300 PCI to SATA/eSATA card and it would not work...

I tried a new eSATA cord, it did not work.
I connected the bare hard drive using internal connectors, it worked fine
I went and bought a second Nexstar-3 (Turned out to be of slightly different design, but same specs) assuming it was the enclosure, it did not work.
I did the same hokey-pokey with the new enclosure, and had similar results...
I tried the old enclosure with the new PSU, and vice versa, it did not work.
I put everything back together with the original stuff, and decided to give it a farewell try... All of a sudden, it worked again!

I still have no explanation of why, since it worked with the old eSATA cord, the old NexStar-3 PSU, and the same 710GB Seagate drive...

I was using the eSATA connection again, and everything was working fine but not for long. I recently went travelling with it and now that I'm back home again, the enclosure is on but the hard drive is not spinning up... I tried to turn off everyhting and re-boot but still the same problem.

:non:  If a problem goes away on it's own, it can & will come back on it's own... :non: 

I have never had this much trouble with an external enclosure! The real problem is I don't know where the problem is... I have replaced every part of the system, (including the eSATA cord) and had it work, and not work...

No overclocking in my systems at all, and my system is NOT new but is running fine except this little problem!

A bit of research elsewhere says that spinup/spindown cycles with this drive/enclosure combo can be caused by the SATA to USB chip since it is SATA1 not SATA3Mb/s, and that it can be solved by jupmering the SATA 1 jumper on the drive... It is not the problem here though...

Anyone found a solution for it?

eSATA c/o: Vantec UGT-ST300 PCI to SATA/eSATA card
Motherboard: Intel D845GRG (Gateway)
CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.4GHz
RAM: 2x256MB