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Hi, i recently just ordered all my parts. And unfortunately... i forgot to think about warranties. And i thought EVGA had good warranties on all their motherboards but of course, the motherboard i bought only has a 2 year warranty.

So my question, is this a motherboard good enough to last 5 years? Hopefully? >.>

And just in case, if my motherboard gets messed up somehow, in 3 years, will all my other computer parts be messed up too? Or can i just order another motherboard?
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  1. Generally if it's gonna fail it's gonna happen within the first year. Having a good PSU and cleaning out the computer with some compressed air every now and then will help prolong the life of all your components. If the motherboard goes by itself it usually doesn't take anything else with it. The PSU is a different story though so if you're serious about your PC lasting, don't skimp on the PSU.
  2. alright cool thanks. I have a corsair TX750W and i believe corsair is very reliable...
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