Win2000 drive not working on xp

Hello, I am trying to get files off a laptop drive that was using windows 2000, I have a connector/enclosure and am trying to hook it up to a machine running XP. I see it pop into device mgr and then pops out, the message pops up that it sees the device and that there may be problems with it. I hooked up another drive (XP) and everything worked fine so I don't think it is the connector. The drive works in the original laptop also. The usb port is destroyed on the laptop and it doesn't have a cd/dvd burner so I can't use that. I connect the 2000 drive to my Vista machine and it sees the drive just fine but no files. Soooo...what am I doing wrong so that I can get the XP machine to see the files on the windows 2000 drive?
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  1. Answered my own question, feeling kinda stupid. It was simply a jumper setting.
  2. Doh
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