Overclocking Zotac GTX 460 768Mb SLI


So here's the thing, i'm now running SLI and I want to achieve stable speeds and temperature and my cards. Now, i'm using the EVGA precision tuner and my settings are as followed

800mhz - core
1600mhz - shader
1950mhz - memory

I previously had it set at 850 mhz - 1700mhz - 2000mhz, I was playing GTA4 at maxed settings, game was running smoothly until I go for a car wash :kaola: and my computer crashes - after i skip the scene - after about 20 mins of playing. My temps were in the mid 60's which i heard is fine for these cards, actually most of them, anyway just want to know if anyone has a similar setup and is running STABLE. I'm running a Corsair tx750 watt PSU an overclocked i7 920 at 3.2ghz respectively. So was my game crashing coincidence or because of OC'ing.

Thank you for your help

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  1. You might be crashing because of the overclock yes. In GTA 4 do you see any other signs of an unstable overclock such as black areas in the water or random graphic errors like shadows being messed up etc?

    I've been told before not to push your graphic card's RAM too much because you don't gain that much performance but it can effect your stability quite a bit.
  2. Yeah, thanks for the feedback, much appreciate it. I did downclock my cards to a stable 800-1600-1900, fan speed at 60%. Funny thing though, I realised when i first ran these cards in SLI - running Metro 2033, I noticed temps at high 80's :O. But now it's like they were "broken in", and now they run at steady mid 60's:??: I cant' complain. So far I haven't found a game that is as high demanding as Metro 2033 therefore my temps stay in the 40's. Thanks for the tip on the memory :)
  3. Glad to hear you're okay! If you liked my answer please select Best Answer :]
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