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I have a Compaq v2555us laptop (original specs), running xp sp3, that I have been trying to partition, but I'm running into a problem. The computer all seems to work ok, (besides a recent fixed virus problem), but when I try to look at the drives in the "computer management" the only drive that shows up is the D: (cd/dvd) drive. The C: drive is visible and accessible in "my computer" but not in disk management. C: is the only partition on this computer. how do I make the hard drive visible? Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Hello,

    Check the name of your C: drive in My Computer, Then go to Administrative Tools, Computer Management, then Disk Management and look for the same name. . In the lower graphiics area, your system drive should be listed as Disk 0 and be listed a Basic, Online, Healthy, System.

    The drive has 1 large partition containing the OS. To partition that drive into 2 partitions, you will need a 3rd party partitioning application. Having 2 partitions on the same physical drive does not make it any safer should something happen to the HDD itself.
  2. I checked the name, but it isn't in Disk management. The only thing showing at all In Disk Management is the cd/dvd drive. C: drive is visible in defrag, my computer, and several other places, but not in Disk management.

    I know partitions don't really make anything safer, I'm actually partitioning so I can dual boot. Can XP not partition the drive? And which 3rd party application do you recommend?

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