Bad Hard Drive?

why is my pc reading my sata hard drive as a bad 3rd master drive but plugged into a pc stores pc it read it just fine like a plug n play. I have an ide wd 200 gb hardrive partioned in half with xp pro on it. I have a hitachi 1tb 7200rpm sata drive. I plug it in it boots up skips my first device(ide) reads the sata says Bad 3rd Master n then a black screen with and underscore at the top. then i have to restart. In my bios it has the WD as 1 DVD as2 and CD as3 before i plug and play the SATA drive. While in windows i plug it in and it dont read it at all but it is running and getting warm. at the store he plugged it in to his pc it worked he deleted the partions and reformatted it to the 931mb or whatever it ended up being. he said it works but it dont i even went back to bios set the device order to read the tb drive reboot thpc n still same thing cant acess windows or nothing. is the hard drive bad? i know this one has problems generally speaking. it had vista on it i got rid of it and put xp on the smaller drive wanna use the tb as more of a stoage for pics music recording sessions sound etc..(I make music)

Intel Quad Core 2.5
Geil Black Dragon 8gb RAM(took 2 out so 4 xp reads 3.5)
WD IDE 200GB Hard Drive
2 CD/DVD Drives One light scribe(sata) One IDE
Hitachi 1TB 7200rpm Hard drive
Geforce 9600 GT 256 Bit 1 GB RAM graphic Card
EMU PCI BUS CARD with a 12 12 Breaker Box w/phantom power
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