Issue With OC 1090T

I have a
amd 1090t
xfx 850w black edition (80+ silver)
gigabyte ga-890fxa-ud5
zalman cnps10x extreme

So i went ahead and oc'd my cpu to 4.0GHz by upping the multiplier in the bios. to get this oc stable increased vcore +0.125V (i think) and had no problems.
Now in CPUZ in says that its running @ 803.7 MHz when it originally said 4000MHz (approx). it also said this @ idle or load
I do belive this 800mhz is the original idle speed but the thing is, even under load (prime95) it stays at this core speed in cpuz. is the program just being broken or is there an actual problem with this overclock. im not real sure as its my first proper attempt at oc'ing.
if u want more info/screenies or anything like that, please say.
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  1. Disable cool and quiet in the bios
  2. did that but it didnt do anything. any other ideas?
  3. :P Try running Prime95, then check CPU-Z
  4. tried that as said in OP. so i dunno? it just isnt.. right :/
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