Is OCZ reaper good memory?

Hola. I am wondering if OCZ reaper is quality memory. I ask because I thought I had heard good things about it, and some of my friends recommended it, but when I go to newegg and see that only 20 or so people have left reviews for it but the g.skill ripsaws have hundreds of reviews it makes me wonder. The memory in question is It comes in a combo with the processor I am lookin at and I dont mind saving money. If its good memory then I am assuming not as many people buy it because either it is not red like the ripjaws or they dont like how high the heatsinks are. Thanks.
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  1. I used to be a crucial memory guy, then they started to cheap out a little. My last set of memory is from G.Skill and I'm happy with them.

    Over the years I've heard mix reviews about ocz memory, some good some bad. I would personally buy memory from Corsair, G.Skill, or even Kingston, OCZ coming in 4th place in my opinion.
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    Recently OZC has been having alot of issues with their ram.
    Not saying that particular kit but the tall profile of that kit is an issue imo when selecting an aftermarket HSF.
    You really can't go wrong buying G.Skill or Mushkin Enhanced though.
  3. +1 for Mushkin, forgot about them
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  5. The Reaper PC -1500 w/ HPC Heatsinks is good ram *for the price*. However it requires a lot of changing timings and experimentation to hit its potential.. i still cant hit 1866mhz on my 6gb kit deslpite the fact that is what it is rated for - im going to be ditching soon to buy some mushkin blackline and hope my OC'ing woes float away

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