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Hi, im trawling the whole of the internet trying to find a way to obtain the product key on my oem disc so i can activate my windows. problem is i noted the number on my netbook case to use during installation it was accepted during the initial install but when i went to activate it windows says its invalid and then the customer rep said i may be the victim of software piracy but i got my hologram genuine disc bundled with my netbook when i bought it from a big name uk retailer. I have an idea to the problem... when i first bought my netbook i had problems downloading so i returned the computer to the shop who sent it for repair, i leanred it was checked, formatted and windows reinstalled. I continued with no new problems until a virus struck rendering my computer useless so i went about wiping it and putting windows back on leading me to this new problem.

I believe when it was formatted and reinstalled during repair they used a different cd than then one used during the factory build hence it rejecting the COA label on the case. So im left thinking how can i find out the the key thats on the cd? I think i noticed you can obtain it on non oem discs. I have 20 days to activate my version i just to use winodws i have a genuine disc im not doing anything illegal please help me anyone.

I appreciate your help in advance, this is driving me spare :(

James Ellison. Ireland.
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  1. The Product sticker MUST match the Windows XP CD. ie: Windows XP Home Edition OEM on the product sticker means you need a Windows XP Home Edition OEM CD.
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