FireWire (IEEE-1394)

Is it better to use the onboard firewire port or get a separate PCI card downloading videos from digital camcorder?

1394 and 1394a are the same, aren't they?
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  1. Go with the onboard. No need spending money on something that won't be any faster.
  2. I assume 1394 and 1394a are the same. 1394b is the 800Mbps firewire, which is twice as fast. I'd also stick with onboard firewire.
  3. I'd stick with the onboard 1394 ports.
  4. Thanks guys, will stick to that one then...the reason I was checking was, when I was looking at some of the pci cards on newegg, some of them had a ulead video editing software to create dvds with them and I used to have that software, now I cannot find it anywhere to install in on the Vista business edition. I will stick to the onboard card too.
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