Help me OC'ing my new G card :P

I have recently bought a GT 240, I know it sucks, but it only what I could afford, I was going to get a GTS250, but I though to myself it would save my mum a little money, and also I did not now that I could use a ATI with my board, because my board is Nvidia based, but some guy told me you could mod, a ATI card to have it work on a Nvidia board, but I didnt now that :(

so how much can I push this card?

it is stock clocked at 550Mhz, I dotn now how mcuh I can push it to, so I need help, also this card is about 2 weeks old, so I dpotn want to break it...

It is a GDDR5 XFX GeForce GT240 :D
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  1. C'mon guys pls.....
  2. Also is there any AM3 motherboards which supports DDR2 800

    and has ACC?
  3. Use Msi afterburner or EVGA Precision. If your not adjusting voltage, which I'm sure your not, you wont break your card. Just watch temperatures, while gaming/stability testing.
  4. Thanks, I have MSI Afterburner and Kombustor for artifact scanning.

    Also do you think I should buy a new fansink, and motherboard, Because I want to try unlocking the the core but I dont know how, and I want overclock it too. I have a stock cooler, and when I put it on cool 'n quiet, degrees C drop to 22 C idle..
  5. Do you have a pre made computer, or did someone or yourself build it?

    Full system specs if you can.
  6. I built it, please note Im 14, I used to know alot about OC'ing, but I have been "learning", how to hack, well really I can hack...I will not go into more detail.

    But I have recently bought a AMD II X3 445 , AND A XFX GDDR5 GT240

    I have two matching Samsung DDR2-800 sticks of RAM, but my board can take DDR-2 1066

    I have a ECS GF8100M5

    I dont think you need to know about my HDD, but it is a 320 GB 7200RPM, Sata2.

    THANKS! for replying :D
  7. If you hack me, you get a woopin, lol

    You can get this board for overclocking and unlocking.
  8. If you were really into hacking, you would know to test OC your card to the fastest stable speed, write it down and then find the closest compatible bios to your card in the same series and hack the bios to that version for a permanent OC.
  9. No I mean Computer Hacking, dont take the piss outta me.

    Last time I was into OC'ing was about 9 + months ago.

    When I mean hackiing, I have had a botnet of 500+, and I can manually SQLi, I dotn steal money ETC.

    I have fun....

    I did biuy a VPS tho.

    And I know how to OC, but I only wanted a estimate of how much I can push my CPU + GPU.

    I got it up to 675Mhz (550Mhz orig)

    But I lowered the Shader clock as it was unstable.

    But no I cant hack BIOS, because I dont wanna flash-fail.
  10. Sportsfanboy does that motherboard support DDR2 800?
  11. ^ yes it does
  12. So I will get this board :D

    And AMD OverDrive is supported by it? hmm?

    That will auto-OC for me LOl's
  13. Your better off overclocking manually, imo. You might need to add a touch more voltage after you unlock the core as well. See how it goes, GL
  14. Thanks for all you help, bro. :D
  15. Also one more wuestion, When I use PhysX, and say i shooot a pane of glass, I get a HUGE dro in FPS for about 0.2 - 3s, when I use my CPU, to render the PhysX, it seems to be much better, so should I just use the CPU?
  16. Yeah you can off load physics to the cpu, especially when you unlock and overclock the chip. You might get more gaming performance that way as your card is a little underpowered.
  17. You are AWESOME!

    thanks, bro, for all your brill help.
  18. np
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