TSSTcorp writer error..

I've a problem about reading dvd which is written by my writer..(TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS632d..DE04)
When i tested it with nero, i saw "timeout on logical unit 043E02" error..
What can i do?? Does anyone has an idea??
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  1. Sounds like your DVD burner is defective. Sounds like time for replacement. Good luck!
  2. First i had a writing problem... it was taking ~~70 minutes... I deleted the driver for secondary id channel (MasterDeviceTimingModeAllowed) and restart comp... it fixed.. wrote a dvd ~~15min.. but didn't read that again..
  3. Understood. Still sounds like a flaky DVD burner. Does it read other media properly?
  4. Yes,, it's reading dvds that i wrote before and the other dvds written by another writers..
  5. Nero disc speed test results...( for a normal read,,no-problem dvd,,without error alert..)


    Access Time

    CPU Usage
    1x %13,, 2x %14,,, 4x %28,,, 8x %75

    Burst Rate

    Disc Type----------DVD-R,, 3,80 GB

    Disc speed-up time 3,01 second
    Disc speed-down time 3,53 s
    Cover open time 0,75s
    Cover close 0,00s
    Disc recognition 24,10s
  6. I would strongly consider a new drive at this point
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