Sapphire 4870 1GB vs. EVGA GTX 285 1GB

Hi everyone, I'm curious as to what people are preferring at the minute. I will be gaming at 1680x1050 most likely and wondering what card would perform best. Any idea on the noise of these either?


Would the difference be huge or not worth it at this res?
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  1. Quote:
    The 4870 is slower than the 285. The 4890 is a bit faster than the 285 at that resolution and overclocks like a beast. They are about $230 after rebate. Should come down $10-20 in the next two weeks. Also the GTX275 if you can find one but its a bit more expensive.

    The best bang for the buck right now is the 4870 1gb and the GTX260 core 216.

    Where are you getting your numbers from? The 5 or 6 reviews I have seen state otherwise.
  2. GTX 285.
  3. GTX 285 without a doubt.

    You won't be dissapointed with a 4870 1Gb cos it's a damn fine card, but if you want to be able to to play tomorrows games it's got more poke.
  4. HD4890 OC >= GTX285 for $100 less
  5. Seriously, where do people get their information from? The GTX285 is faster than the 4890. Granted, you can OC the 4890 a bit more than the GTX285, but out of the box the 285 will smoke the 4890.

    I see tons of reviews pitting the 4890 vs the 275, but never the 285 for a reason.

    Also, While some people even say that the 275 and 4890 are dead even, one can argue that while the 4890 overclocks better than a GTX275, some companies like EVGA, make 1792MB models :). That should meet your gaming needs for a very long time.
  6. 017-P3-1175-AR
    GeForce GTX 275

    * 1792MB DDR3 Memory
    * PCI-E 2.0 x16
    * 633Mhz GPU Clock Speed
    * 2268Mhz Memory Clock Speed
    * NVIDIA SLI ready
    * DirectX 10/OpenGL 3.0

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