Alienware CPU fan?

hey guys does anybody know what CPU fan does the Area-51 7500 has on it? with a 680i sli mobo? reason i ask is because i purchased a faster cpu i just wanna make sure i have a good cooling fan on it, there is a big ass heat sink on it right now not sure if that's enough, i couldn't find any reviews on the cpu fans for this alienware model

thats the exact heat sink and model i have
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  1. Why do you want to know?
  2. aznshinobi said:
    Why do you want to know?

    hmm i dont wanna sound like a jerk but i explained why i wanna know.. lol anyways i wanna know because im upgrading to a better CPU Q9650 3.0 and i would like to know if my case has just that big heat sink or a fan with the heat sink....
  3. BUMP

    I have the same question :o
  4. Hmm, did you go on their website ?
    Btw, use Hw monitor for temp monitoring and post the temps ..
    Then we can decide good or a better cooler needed, I personally dont think another cooler will be needed..
  5. Thanks for the reply range. Last time i checked my temps everything was either at or below 40 degrees celsius except for my graphics card which usually runs pretty hot (70 degrees at idle).

    I searched the alienware website but couldn't turn up any information on the brand of the CPU fan or any information on the Area-51 7500.

    Aside from the fan being dusty it seems to be working fine. I just recently realized I had no information on it wanted to find out more. The fan looks a lot different than CPU fans ive seen before which is part of why i am so curious to find out more.
  6. Well, 40 idle cpu ? Run on full load, then record the maximum temp, it all depends on the load temps,..
    As for gpu, what gpu is it ? 70 c at idle are you sure ?! If yes thats is really bad.. I recommend download Hw monitor, its free, google it, then post all your temps, min/ max ..
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