Can I use 3rd PCI-E slot for single graphics card?

I just bought an Asus M4A79 deluxe mobo and it has 4 Pci-Express slots and just 2 standard PCI slots. I realized this before buying but thought I would have use of the 2 PCI slots.

Unfortunately, if I put it in PCI-E slot 1, the heatsink covers up the standard pci slot next to it, leaving me with only one. I have a Wifi card and a sound card I use for recording that I want to put in there.

The slots 1 and 3 are color coded blue, slots 2 and 4 are black. Is it ok to use slot 3 with only a single video card? My case is one that has the power supply at the bottom so this leaves the video card and power supply about 3 inches apart, blowing air at each other. Is this ok?
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  1. you should be fine, what would you be using the Vid card for anyway?
  2. I play games now and then, but am not planning to overclock. The vid card is the one in your sig (Sapphire 4870).
  3. you should be ok, that is a great card by the way, i have the 1GB version and love it!
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