MSI GTX 260 Owners?

So i know there are a few of you here at least and iv got to ask why did you guys choose msi over evga or xfx?
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  1. i am not one of those people but i have recommended the MSI version because its OCed and cheaper than the standard versions from xfx and evga...

    MSI - $190 - 655MHz/2100MHz
    EVGA - $200 - 576MHz/1998MHz
    XFX - $220 - 576MHz/2000MHz

    so based on specs and price alone the MSI card is the best option
  2. I have 2 of the MSI 260s which I got about a week ago. I bought them mainly because of the price and the factory overclock. The cards have been great and I have no complaints about going with MSI.

    The MSI cards only have a warranty of 3 years or around there, while the others have lifetime or double lifetime. Evga and Xfx do have better warranties, but I figured that I wouldn't have these cards for 3 years so I should be ok.
  3. Well you can of course overclock the evga and its still warrantied...iv heard of the msi being pushed to 700mhz and so has the evga :ouch:

    Still its 10$ and a huge warranty but then again you have to fool around with overclocking....either way i guess il do fine with my msi gtx 260 atm :love:

    Im just abit worried if i do overclock my msi that they still may be able to know and void my warranty :??:

    I wish i had waitied for the 4890 but i didn't even know of its release a week ago
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