Installing a CM Hyper 212+ in a HAF 922 AMD MOBO Help!

hey all im looking to get a hyper 212+ HSF and install it into my haf922 case on my asus mfa89gt 890gx mobo which currently has a phenom ii x4 965be in it with the stock hsf....

my question is does anyone with a haf 922 have any experience changing the HSF? the back panel looks like its semi accessible to the backplate but not fully (the bottom 2 screws i can see but not fully exposed) would i be able to change the HSF w/o taking my mobo outa the case?

I have never done this before so would like to avoid taking my mobo out if i dont have to.....

any tips are welcomed....and if a diff HSF is better let me know tho ive heard this is the best for the price
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    Well i recently installed a 212+ in a CM 690II with probably close to the same mobo cut-out.
    The bottom two mounting holes slightly covered.
    Made out just fine the tightening is down from the other side.
    Looked like it was going to be an issue but it really isn't.
    You'll be fine.
  2. ohh cuz some of the videos i saw had the bolts/nuts being tightened from the back....

    anyways what about your RAM....i thin i might have to move my ram...atm its in the 1st and 3rd slot will moving it to say 2nd and 4th or 2/3 make any difference? will i have to do anything diff?
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