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About a year ago i bought a 750 GB WD Caviar Black HDD. Now i see that it was a pretty bad idea - i only gave 20 gigs left and i need another one. I want to buy a hard drive about 1 TB (i guess 750 gigs will work too), SATA 3gb/s, and for a decent price. I've chosen three: WD Caviar Black 750GB (it's a little more expensive, but is it worth the money? Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB Seagate Barracuda 1GB

I also found this one - . It's 6gb/s, which i've never heard of. Will it work on a SATA 3 motherboard?

My question is - which one of these drives would you buy? Or would you pick a different one?
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    Any drive will do you well. I'd personally go between WD and Samsung, but that's just me.

    6Gb/s is SATA 3, so yes it will work :)
  2. Thanks, i think im gonna go with WD
  3. Good call :)
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