How to overcock a gaming laptop with a crappy bios

Ok before you say, dont over clock a laptop because of heat, not worth it, and I'll damage my system, I don't care, I have the overclocking bug for 2-3 years now and with my laptop which is a Acer 5740 with a I5-430M, Radeon 5650M chip with 4Gb 1066 with a Pheonix MB(They dont help either)

It seems that EVERY program I try to OC my Processor or Graphics card OR my ram its seem not possible. either says driver not supported ect ect ect.

How do I say F off and give me more speed, Have a desktop with a I5-760 at 4.3ghz without problems, and I know pretty much everything there is to know about overclocking but my laptop wont budge.....setfsb, ati tool, and programs like that dont work.

Can I reflash my bios to a desktop setting or something, what havent I heard of yet. please explain.

And when I load up Hwaremoniter it says my fans are running at 30% and don't even have a setting to change that, and speedfan and all the *** doesn't work either.
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  1. Laptops have locked BIOS'. If all the standard Windows utilities do not work, you cannot overclock your laptop.

    A BIOS is customized for a specific model of motherboard. So, no, you cannot flash your laptop with a BIOS designed for a desktop.

    As far as hwmonitor and speedfan are concerned, you have a locked BIOS. You can use them to read the settings, but you cannot change them.
  2. You could check out But since you have a Pheonix BIOS you are out of luck. They havent had any success with Pheonix. If you do find something that works let me know.

    Btw I was able to OC my graphics card with Riva Tuner after I modded the supported card list. (Radeon 4570). You could try MSI Afterburner worked for my card also but I used rivatuner because I could get a larger freqnency range to do a big underclock.

    I have a Dell Studio 1555, I knew I wasnt going to be able to overclock it when I bought it and I accepted it. I tried various programs like you did none of them worked. Unless has a breakthrough with Pheonix BIOSes its time for a new laptop if you want to overclock.
  3. Any suggestions. Next laptop I would like the 5870's in X-fire(and if anyone has them please tell me how they are working...temp...fps type of things) and the I7....But I dont know which one would be best, 620-720-840-920-940, is it worth it to overclock a 720qm to 3.5+ ghz or splouge money on it and dont tell my wife?
  4. Your base performance will be higher, but you will run into the same problem. Laptop makers just do not want you overclocking their laptops.

    And in a way, "gaming laptop" is an oxymoron.
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