Need some suggestions on a good fan/heatsink (pls)

So I have recently bought a AMD II X3 445, and I was playing Combat Arms (which inst demanding at all)

And Im using a AMD stock smart FAN cooler.

I know it sucks, any suggestions?
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  1. LOL I just realsied I did not put any goof info, Hmm.

    OK I was playing Combat arms (is not heeavy at all)

    and I was getting tems of 56oC

    and I want to overclock, so any suggestion for a better heatsink/fan
  2. Just get a CM Hyper 212+ @ $30.
  3. OK thanks mate :D
  4. Any cheaper ones?

    'round 10 - £15?
  5. i wouldnt go much cheaper but whats the price of that in pounds? should be about that cuz its 29.99$ CDN
  6. LOL but is that might be too starining pulling my mobo.

    Hmm so the one.

    but anyway thanks.

    Any more?
  7. ....
  8. Maybe the arctic freezer pro 7

    Not my fist choice, but for under 20.00 you can't go wrong with it
  9. ahah, its you again, dude thanks for you help yesterday, and again!

    once again thanks :D
  10. I looked on Ebay (because I live in UK), I will order this tomorow ;)
  11. brendz155 said:
    ahah, its you again, dude thanks for you help yesterday, and again!

    once again thanks :D

    LOL np :sol:
  12. If your buying new on e-bay it will have thermal compound pre-applied. If your buying used, you will need some.
  13. I have a whole tube of thermal grease :D

    But I will buy a new one :)

    also i the cooler I stated good enough for OC'ing?
    but anyway I will buy the Arctic cooler.
  14. If you have a whole tube don't bother buying any. The freezer is a good quality mid line cooler. So you wont get crazy high overclocks with it, but it will give you good bang for the buck. As said above, for the money, the 30.00 dollar cm212 is the best bet. Better overclocking headroom, and only around 10 dollars more.
  15. No idea :kaola: You'll have to search for reviews on it. Seems a little inadequate, but I can't say for sure.
  16. Two things, that thing is old and not compatible with your build. You have or are getting an AM3 board correct? You want (if your going with the arctic cooler), the "arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev.2".

    The one in your link is for socket 939 or 754
  17. That's socket 775, that wont work
  18. OK I will keep looking , and Ill post it , (for feedbackf rom u LOL)

    but anyway

    WTH is this!

    It was on Ebay

    but I went to the website :D
  19. It's a TEC Thermal Electric Cooler

    You need to do a whole lot to make that a viable cooling solution. Not worth it.
  20. Well how does it work, like a regular fan/sink's uses a Conductor (cu, al), and they a fan cools the conductor, thus cooling the CPU

    But anyway

  21. i wouldnt trust much off of ebay id goto a local shop then if i were you

    but if u want to seriously OC and be sure ur safe put in the 10$ more and get a cm212+

    that artic freezeer is meh its a tiny bit better then stock HSF except its quieter
  22. You can trust eBay if the poster has a sh-t load of positive feed backs. They usually are scared of getting bad feed backs, and wouldn't intentionally mislead you. I have purchased a ton of stuff on eBay over the years, will good results. The trick is to be picky about the seller.
  23. Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler - £19.95 inc VAT

    Above all make sure your case can accommodate the cooler.
    Your case needs to be at least 7.5" wide to be on the safe side for a 212+ to fit.
    Otherwise get a TX3 which is push/pin and much shorter.

    Coolermaster Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler -£12.91 inc VAT

    btw the paste supplied by CM is fine.
  24. brendz155 said:

    I would buy a CM Hyper TX3 over an AC Freezer anyday of the week.
    And for 20 pounds the 212+ destroys both the other smaller coolers performance/cooling wise.
  25. That one will work on your chip and board. Like others have said, it's not the best cooler out there, it will be better than stock though. How much is the cm 212 in the UK?

    I post what that weird cooler is, look at my earlier post.
  26. But anyway I was looking at Peltier coolers, and they seem good enough to be used with CPU's LOL

    but Im not sure about modern...
  27. Also for OC'ing whats the highest Volts a AMD II X3 445 can take?
  28. Stay below 1.4 and stay below 70c while testing and below 60c for 24/7 operation.
  29. stay below 1.4?

    On default it is at 3.1 Ghz @ 1.42v

    is that OK>?
  30. :D replys?
  31. If you want to overclock as much as possible, I would go with the hyper 212+
  32. That's what I thought it was, but not a hundred percent read it a while ago. You would be better served doing some research on what the maximum voltage is for CPU, and others like nb voltage, fsb termination, etc.
  33. LOL I oredered my CM frezzer :D

    But I trying tio get a stable GT240 OC.

    I have the mem @ 2030 (1700) (GDDR5)

    I got the GPU @ 625 (550)

    I am yet to test the shader.

    Considering the price for my XFX GT240, I am VERY pleased. The onyl thing that lest it down is that it does not have a PCIe 6 pin connector, so it is limited @ 75W

    IF it did, it would be in the high end range, with higher factory stock clocks.....
  34. Also is there any point in BIOS flashing, so its liek you have a new card :S
  35. I jst max'ed all my XFX GDDR5 512MB GT240 from orginally 550 CORE/1700MEM/1400SHADERS

    TO 650/2030/1585

    I did get them more higher, but I wanted to have a little more stability for room temperature changes, and voltage fuluctuiations.
  36. I have also done test with MSI kombustor, for stability.

    I used Furmark on DX10 with 16AA Quality 1280 - 1024 fullscreen @ stock, I got a score of 708 (avg FPS were 22)

    @ my max OC I got a score of 952 (AVG FPS were 31)

    better :D

    And under HEAVY! load it runs at 66oC, @ 50% FAN

    now onto the CPU :)
  37. brendz155.......... you should have gone for 212 plus............
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