How bad is overclocking for a computer?

I overclocked my AMD Athlon II X3 440 from 3.01 ghz to 3.3 ghz. My computer does not have the best ventalation but the CPU is still running cool. I know that overclocking stresses parts too, but how much? I ran a 6 hour stress test where is runs my CPU at 100%, and it said it was stable. How much life span of my CPU do you guys think will be takin away from my CPU?
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  1. With a minor OC the life of the CPU souldnt change. Even some large OCs can have a very long life span if they are still within the safe voltage limits and temps.
  2. Okay, thanks. Do you think if I OCed it to 3.45 ghz and 900mhz RAM (3.3 ghz and 880mhz RAM now) would it make much of a difference on the life span?
  3. P.S. I like your motto, its funny.
  4. Lol Thanks.
    No, I dont think it will hurt anything. Like I said as long as you keep temps and voltage in safe ranges then the CPU should last a long time. I would read up on the voltage and temp limits of your CPU. 73c and 1.5v I think
    Also you might be able to unlock the 4th core on that CPU depending on your motherboard.
  5. Ask my q6600 how it's doing at almost 4 years. I have never run the thing at stock voltage or speed, well except to install windows and other programs for the first time.

    If you keep all your voltages below their max rated settings, there will not be a significant decrease in life span, provided you keep the parts cool.
  6. Okay, thanks guys. My core voltage is 1.4 and my temps got up to 50 C in OCCT. =) My computer feels like 10 time as fast lol.
  7. sportsfanboy said:
    Ask my q6600 how it's doing at almost 4 years.

    Yes. There are a lot of OC'd Q6600's out here.
  8. 1.4v on the Core with temp. 50c, at 100%. And that's a temp. that will never be seen with most apps. Something else will fail in the system before the CPU.

    You should be good to go for a few years.

  9. Quote:
    as long as it's a stable overclocking profile and you do not constantly try and 'tweak' it, you should be fine..

    I tryed tweeking it one day for a while, but the tests did not get far is that bad?
  10. No, you should be ok just dont tweak on it everyday for months straight.
    Find something that works and you are happy with and leave it alone.
    Dont try to break records and you should be fine.
    Tweaking is normal and sometimes you will have to go back and tweak some more, just dont do it excessively.
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