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Urgent: Need Advice on new SSD

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September 28, 2010 2:57:17 AM

Hey everyone,

I am going to purchase a second SSD and have it just for games.

I currently have 1 SSD that my OS (Windows 7 64bit) is loaded on as well as a few games but I have reached my storage limit and with the release of a couple new expansions to the games I currently play on the horizon I need to purchase a second one. (I also already have a 1tb Samsung F3 Spinpoint for storage of files and videos etc).
TRIM is not currently supported if I RAID 2 SSDs together, for this reason I am going to keep them as separate partitions in my computer.

My issue is this:

I could ethier get an Intel x25m 80gb SSD, which is clearly a better drive than my current SSD


I could get an identical SSD to the one I have now (Kingston V+ Series 64gb), for the sole reason that I believe it is possible in the future that they will allow TRIM command to pass through the raid controller, making RAID 0 superior, and a possible option that I would have the hardware for

The Intel x25m is only $10 more than the Kingston, which in my opinion is miniscule and holds no weight in the decision.

I am also expericeing issues with my current SSD (Kingston 64gb) and after going through countless reviews and looking at Intel's support pages for available utilities it is clear that the Intel SSD is superior, I would much rather get the Intel SSD but since I already have the Kingston one I'm wondering the chances that trim will ever pass through raid controllers and would I really be missing out on a lot if I loose the ability to ever RAID0 my SSDs? because I know I will be reluctant to buy a third ssd short of a current one dying or me winning the lottery.

I need to make a decision by Tuesday night, Wednesday at the latest.

Thanks in advance for your imput!

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a b G Storage
September 28, 2010 4:57:46 AM

Difficult problem here! I would probably go w/ the Kingston...I don't really have any idea, but I just don't see TRIM support for SSDs in RAID not exsisting forever.

Best solution

a c 352 G Storage
September 28, 2010 4:52:23 PM

Raid0 will increase your Sequencial reads and writes, BUT for the more important 4 K random read/writes it provides very little improvement. It does not improve access time. I'd recommend two seperat drives, going with the best you can afford for the 2nd drive - LOOK at the 4 K read/write performance and make that drive your boot drive. Use the Kingston, while faster than a mechanical HD, it is only about 2x faster than a HDD in the 4 K random read/writes. Use this drive for your overflow.
September 29, 2010 2:26:49 PM

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